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Corporate - Chair Massage and Health Promotion at your Workplace

As stress is part of this century’s fast moving, fast thinking lifestyle, employers have rapidly begun to understand the importance of stress relief in the workplace. Stress free employees have higher retention rate and higher rates of productivity.

Onsite corporate chair massage treatment is gentle, professional and relaxing. The therapist can target tension prone areas to relieve the pressure of those who sit at a desk all day without the use of oils or ointments. We provide a comfortable chair designed specifically for massage. The comfortable chair designed specifically for massage is adjustable to conform to any size or shape body so you can relax while we provide a tailored massage to relieve stress areas such as head, neck, back and arms.

On site chair massage can be used can be incorporated in the following settings:

• Employee Appreciation Days
• Service Award Recognition
• Large group functions and meetings

Benefits of Chair Massage

• Increases energy, staff morale by alleviating depression and anxiety
• Increases productivity and improve concentration levels, memory and mental alertness
• Relieves muscular tension and reduces stress
• Promotes posture awareness
• Improves circulation
• Lowers blood pressure
• Promotes overall wellness and health

We work closely with you to plan a thoroughly relaxing and enjoyable onsite chair massage session for your employees. Regular client feedback is encouraged to maintain our high standard of service.

The cost for our sessions depends on the length of the treatment. We will offer the following services:
£10 - 10 minute treatment
£15 - 15 minute treatment
£20 - 20 minute treatment
£30 - 30 minute treatment

Payment method
You can choose between three payment options:
• The company pays the full amount
• The individual pays
• The company subsidises a certain percentage of the massage

Please give us a call to receive up to three 10-minute taster sessions to help you make up your mind.

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